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Pilot has training and processes in place to guide the future of the claims industry with virtual adjusting.


Our experience of adjusting tens of thousands of claims work for you to get faster resolution and a transparent process for tracking claims every step of the way.



Virtual adjusting is a web or app-based claims management that adjusters can do anytime, anywhere.


  • Quick, easy and efficient claim submission process
  • Effortlessly track your claim every step of the way
  • Real-time interaction between the field, office, and insured
  • Decreased cycle times and increased processing speed
  • Decreased Loss Adjustment Expenses (LAE) and the ability to reallocate human resources to more complex claims
  • A more seamless customer experience and increased satisfaction

The work virtual adjusters do is no different from what regular adjusters do. They will interview the insured, gather information through secure channels, consult with experts, decide amounts, etc., except they do it remotely, providing ultimate convenience for both the insured and the adjuster.