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Ceramic Tiles

Glazed tiles are water and stain resistant 



XM8 Code: FCT AV

Includes: Tile, grout, thinset or mastic, the use of a ceramic tile saw, and installation labor.

Excludes: Backer board for the tile.  If a mortar bed is used see FCTMORTAR.  If a cement backer board is used see FCTBCEM1/4.

Green: LEED considers tile and hard surface flooring to be green if it meets one or more of the following standards: Residential: Low-emitting Product, Environmentally Preferable Products.  Commercial: Building Life-cycle Impact Reduction, Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – environmental product declarations, Product Disclosure and Optimization – material ingredients, Low-emitting Materials.

Note: The main material component for this item includes an assumed waste factor of 10%.