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Polished and Non-Polished

Stain Resistant


XM8 Code: TIL AV

Includes: Tile, grout, thinset or mastic, the use of a ceramic tile saw, and installation labor.

Excludes: Backer board for the tile.

Green: LEED considers tiles to be green when they are recycled or made from pre-consumer recycled materials.  All adhesives and sealants wet-applied on site must meet the applicable chemical content requirements of SCAQMD Rule 1168, July 1, 2005, Adhesive and Sealant Applications, as analyzed by the methods specified in Rule 1168.  The provisions of SCAQMD Rule 1168 do not apply to adhesives and sealants subject to state or federal consumer product VOC regulations.

Note: If a mortar bed is used see TILBMUD.  If a cement backer board is used see TILBCEM1/4 or TILBCEM1/2.