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Caramel Carbonized Bamboo

Style: Tongue and Groove Solid Bamboo Flooring

Common Thickness: 9/16 in.


XM8 Code: (No Finish Code) FCWBAM

Includes: Bamboo flooring, hardwood floor nails, nailer, and installation labor. Labor cost to remove flooring and to discard in a job-site waste receptacle.

Quality: Solid, un-finished, 3 3/4″ to 4 7/8″ wide with lengths varying from 37″ to 73″. Nailed down application. If application is glued to substrate use FCWGADDC or FCWGADDW in addition to this item.

Green: LEED considers bamboo to be green for being a rapidly renewable product. However, bamboo flooring must be certified by a third party company such as FloorScore. Wood must be FSC certified and meet the Low Emitting Material credit.

Note: The main material component for this item includes an assumed waste factor of 10%. If removed a glued down application, use FCWGADDC or FCWGADDW in addition to this item.

Average life expectancy is 150 years.

Average depreciation is 0.67% per year. Maximum depreciation is 100%.