Pilot was founded on family values, focusing on honor, loyalty and duty, by the late Walter D. Pilot, Sr. in 1983 when he recognized our society's growing dependence on insurance against natural hazards. 

The original goal of Pilot was to provide a better way to handle catastrophe claims – better for the carriers, better for the adjusters and better for the policyholders.. Pilot prides itself in treating everyone like a member of the family, whether it is adjusters, policyholders, insurance carriers or employees.  Through this process and decades of hard-work, Pilot has established itself as the most knowledgeable, trusted and reliable claims processing operation in the United States.

Immediately, insurers connected with Pilot's sense of duty, honor and loyalty.

Mr. Pilot's business associates became a part of his life, his extended family.  His complete accessibility and immediate response to his "family's" needs anytime of the day or night are a quality and a service on which our corporate culture is based.  The proliferation of damages from natural hazards in ensuing years led to the evolution of Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc., though the company provides skilled adjusters specific to the client's needs for non-catastrophe claims as well.

To this day, the company is still operated by the Pilot family.  Throughout all of the industry changes and developments in technology, Mr. Pilot’s vision continues to be carried out, with customer care and family values at the forefront of the business he founded over 30 years ago.