What does a Pilot catastrophe property adjuster do? 

They work with policyholders to assess their losses and pay for covered losses in the proper amount. This involves:

  • Initial contact with the policyholders
  • Setting up appointments
  • Assessing damage
  • Writing an estimate
  • Documenting all activities associated with a claim
  • Providing excellent customer service through the entire claims process

Adjusters can work in the field or inside, at a desk in one of our many facilities. Some of our adjusters provide technical support and supervision in the field.

What are the qualifications for becoming a Pilot property adjuster? 

Experienced adjusters are preferred. However, a background in the any of the following areas is applicable and provides an excellent foundation for property adjusting:

  • Construction
  • Home inspection
  • Home restoration
  • Customer Service

How long can I expect to be deployed to an event? 

Duration of deployment varies depending on time of year, location of storm and type of event (hail, flood, hurricane, etc.) In some instances, you will be on-site for months. You must be prepared to work long hours in damaged areas.

Are there certifications that I must pass before I can be deployed by Pilot as a property adjuster?

Prior to deployment, you must go through an evaluation program. This program lasts up to 10 days and includes assessment of your ability to scope a claim, previous adjusting knowledge and claims software handling.

Upon completion of your evaluation you will be given a rating, which will directly affect your chance for deployment.

Can I stay busy all year long working property claims?

Our positions are temporary-as needed. Your yearly working schedule will depend on the rating you received after completing your evaluation program and the number of storm-related events occurring that year. Some years will be slower, while other years you may have little time off.

What estimating software program do I have to know?

This depends on the client you will be working for. The vast majority of our clients are currently using versions of Xactware or Xactimate.

Do I need an adjuster’s license to work as a property adjuster? 

Yes. The more licenses you have, the greater your deployment opportunities will be. You must also have your resident state license, if one is required in your home state.

Do I have to pay for my own expenses while working a storm? 

Yes, you are responsible for:

  • Living expenses
  • Transportation
  • Equipment


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