What are the qualifications for an auto adjuster?

Experienced adjusters are preferred. However, individuals with experience in the following areas are also encouraged to apply:

  • Estimating
  • Claims handling software
  • Auto body
  • Customer service

What estimating systems does an automobile adjuster have to know how to operate?

Familiarity with an estimating system is beneficial to your employment as an auto adjuster. Such systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Audatex
  • Mitchell Ultramate
  • CCC Pathways

Does Pilot offer training for new auto adjusters?

Yes, on a limited basis. We conduct an annual, 3-week technical training program. We also offer classes on some of the estimating software.

How long can I expect to be deployed to an event? 

That varies depending on time of year, location of storm. and type of event (hail, flood, hurricane, etc.)

Are there certifications that I must pass before I can be deployed by Pilot as an auto adjuster?

Prior to deployment, each auto adjuster must go through an evaluation program. This program lasts 10 days and includes assessment of the adjuster's ability to scope a claim, previous adjusting knowledge, and claims software handling.

Upon completion of your evaluation you will be given a rating, which will directly affect your chance for deployment.

Can I stay busy all year long working auto claims?

Our positions are temporary, as needed. Frequency and duration of deployment depends on the rating you received prior to being deployed and the occurrence of storm-related events in the year. Some years may be very busy, with little time off between storms, while some years may be slow, with limited storm activity.

Do I need an adjuster’s license to work as an auto adjuster?

Yes. The more licenses you have, the more deployment opportunities will be available to you. You must also have your resident state license, if one is required in your home state.

Do I have to pay for my own expenses while working a storm?

Yes, you are responsible for your own expenses while deployed.

What type of environment will I be working in as an auto adjuster?

You could be working:

  • In the field doing inspections each day
  • At a desk in one of our facilities working as an inside adjuster
  • At a client drive-in facility handling claims that come in every 20 minutes

Will I need my own laptop computer?



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