3 Time Management Tools for Catastrophe Insurance Adjusters

Posted on April 25, 2016

Anyone balancing a career and a personal life requires time management skills. For a catastrophe insurance adjuster, this is even more important because you need to keep a handle on not only your schedule, but consistently changing plans and the needs of potentially hundreds of insureds who require flexible assistance.

Therefore, time management for catastrophe insurance adjusters requires diligence and flexibility. Fortunately, there are tools available to help you navigate your way through your schedule, and you probably have some of those tools already.

Smartphones and Tablets

You should never overlook the tools you already have. Smartphones and tablets are nearly ubiquitous and no insurance adjuster should ever be without one. Keeping your calendar app updated allows you to keep your schedule at your fingertips. In addition, it allows you to remain reachable when something changes that affects your schedule and then make adjustments without having to wait until you get to your computer or planner.


Dropbox is a free application that provides cloud storage for all of your important documents. You can save documents to your computer and access them on the go, from any device you own. When you are adjusting claims in the aftermath of a catastrophic event, this kind of tool enables you to access claim forms, spreadsheets, policies or any other documentation you need, whenever you need it.


Just as important as accessing documentation that you have compiled, is being able to instantly record notes, interviews or other current information you are gathering in the field. Evernote lets you do just that, making it a tremendous tool in assisting with time management for catastrophe insurance adjusters. It serves as both your recording and storage needs as you work in the field and collect information.

These are just a few tools available to assist in your time management needs. When you are adjusting catastrophe claims, time management is critical. Taking advantage of the available tools can do wonders to make your job easier.