How to Prepare for Wildfires

Posted on October 19, 2015

As wildfire season approaches, it’s time to review the dangers of wildfires and how to prepare for them. Here are three specific things homeowners should review regarding wildfire preparedness and insurance claims.

Doing Routine Yardwork

One factor homeowners have control over is the landscaping. Even if homeowners don’t want to invest in redoing their yards and creating a “defensible space,” just doing routine yard work will reduce the likelihood that their homes are damaged by a wildfire. Homeowners should:

  • mow regularly
  • weed around their homes
  • take down dead tree branches
  • cut tree branches that are near chimneys

Reviewing Evacuation Plans

Homeowners need an evacuation plan well before a wildfire poses a potential danger. There should be a common meeting place that everyone knows about, and all family members except the youngest of children should be able to navigate at least two exit routes out of the neighborhood. Homeowners should leave their lights on, as this will make it easier for firemen to see inside.

Filing Insurance Claims

Policyholders should also review the process of filing an insurance claim for wildfire damage. The most important thing, as always, is safety. They shouldn’t start the claims process until they’re in a safe place. This is also an opportunity, however, to review their carrier’s claims process and be assured that their insurer will be there to help if and when they need it.

Taking the time to review these steps and prepare in advance could help homeowners stay safe later this year during the wildfire season.

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