Why You Should Become a Catastrophe Insurance Adjuster with Pilot

Posted on October 19, 2015

Catastrophe claims adjusters (also called “CAT adjusters”) are professionals sent to the scene of natural and man-made disasters to inspect property damage. Pilot adjusters physically inspect damaged property to ensure that claims are settled quickly and fairly.

Here are some great reasons to become a catastrophe adjuster with Pilot:

  • Salary. You have the potential to make a comfortable living and can exceed the norm on high storm-activity years.
  • Benefits. All of our adjusters are considered W-2 employees, rather than independent contractors. As a Pilot employee, this gives you the economic benefits such as employment taxes, 401(k) matching and flex plans.
  • Financial Stability. Because of Pilot’s financial stability, you never encounter hold-backs or charge-ups. There are also never delays in pay, as Payroll is processed on a regular basis.
  • Variety and Independence. Essentially, you are your own boss. For those who are willing to forego the comforts of home for extended periods, the constant variety may be one of the more appealing reasons to work for Pilot. There are also a variety of roles you can hold within Pilot, such as working outside or inside.
  • Broad Entry-Level Positions. Extensive training available for all levels of experience. We offer self-paced online and classroom training to supplement your knowledge base.

The work of a catastrophe adjuster can involve strenuous physical tasks, and they may be required to work in hazardous conditions. Physical fitness and the ability to leave home at short notice are both important for success in this career. For more information on how you can become a Pilot insurance adjuster, please contact us today.