Why Bilingual Insurance Adjusters are Valuable

Posted on October 07, 2015

As the United States continues to become more and more ethnically diverse, there is an increasing need for bilingual insurance adjusters. Even though English may be the official language of the U.S., there will likely be people affected during a catastrophic event that do not speak English. They may speak Spanish or another widely spoken language like French or Chinese, or their native tongue might be a small tribal language from Africa, such as Tigrinya. These minorities may be the homeowner, or they may be involved in an insurance claim in another way. Regardless of their relation to a claim, people need an adjuster who speaks their language. Here are some reasons:

A Competitive Advantage

To start with, employing bilingual adjusters provides a competitive advantage over insurers that only have English-speaking adjusters. In select cities, especially ones in the South, an entire industry of Spanish-speaking insurance has sprung up. Without Spanish employees, companies will not be able to take advantage of this growing market.

For instance, according to PewResearch, there are more than 8.8 million Spanish speakers in Texas, and over half (58%) of them own homes. Of those that are homeowners, more than three quarters (78%) primarily speak Spanish. Many of these Spanish-speaking homeowners purchased their homeowners, as well as their auto, insurance through an agency that had bilingual agents. Should they need to file a claim, they will expect the same level of service. Insurance companies that do not provide bilingual insurance adjusters may lose a significant number of these customers.

Certified Bilingual Insurance Adjusters

If you are bilingual and are seeking to break into the insurance adjusting industry, we’d love to help get you started. Insurance adjusting is a growing field that deserves passionate professionals.

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