What Factors Will Determine Your Success as an Independent Claims Adjuster?

Posted on October 02, 2015

Achieving success as an independent claims adjuster is about more than knowing how to process a claim. Requisite training can teach you the necessary skills, but being successful in the industry depends just as much, if not more, on your personal attributes.

For those entering the field, here’s a look at the factors that will determine your success as an independent claims adjuster:

The Requisite Training: Working as an independent adjuster requires specialized knowledge, which you will need to learn. Adjusters don’t need a four-year degree or to attend graduate school, but you will need to enroll in courses, attend seminars and pass exams. The level of training and certifications you obtain will determine which work you are qualified for. Training takes time, costs money, and requires dedication, but completing as much as you can will give you more opportunities in the field.

As a benefit to our employees we have online training available 24/7, of which continuing education (CE) requirements can be met. Please contact our Pilot Technical Support Department for all your training needs at lmssupport@ptsemail.com or 866-204-0712.

Your Personal Attributes: Training alone will not guarantee success as an independent claims adjuster. As industry expert Daniel Kerr says, your future as an adjuster requires “attitude, character and an unflinching commitment to success.” More specifically, working as a claims adjuster requires three personal traits:

  • Integrity: You will often be working alone and need to make judgment calls on your own. Acting honestly in all situations is of the utmost importance.
  • Perseverance: As Kerr mentions, you must be committed to succeeding. As an independent agent, you have to knock on doors and make phone calls yourself. You can’t become disheartened at the first missed opportunity.
  • Innovative: Many independent adjusters work on catastrophic claims, and they often find themselves in disaster zones. You may be working without fresh water or in crumbled buildings. No matter what situation you face, you’ll need to come up with an innovative solution that lets you process the claim while remaining safe.

Independent claims adjusting is a promising field with many opportunities. Making the most of the opportunities requires both the necessary training and strong personal attributes. If you have the required credentials, you will enjoy a successful career as an independent adjuster.

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