Top 4 Soft Skills for Insurance Adjusters

Posted on December 18, 2015

When adjusting a claim, it is crucial to know how to do your job with maximum efficiency. Because so much of the job involves working with people (people who have often just been through a stressful or even traumatic situation), it is also essential to know how to work with customers, and to make small adjustments to better do the job. These "soft skills" are as important to doing your job well as any others. Here are the top 4 soft skills for insurance adjusters to keep in mind during a job:

1. Empathy

Your customers are often going to have just been through an emotionally taxing event. Being able to put yourself in their shoes and understand their situation isn't just a kindness. It's an important part of doing your job. A customer who sees you as an ally will work more readily with you. If you want your customers to help you do your job, you need to show that you want to help them in their difficult time.

2. Time management

You will work long hours on your own in a new location. It can be easy to mismanage your time. Learning to plan your day efficiently and to finish claims on time will do wonders to reducing your stress levels on each job.

3. Adaptability

There are a lot of unpredictable elements that can arise when adjusting a claim. New information might arise out of the blue. It is up to you to know your case well enough to adjust and apply the information accordingly. Changes to everything from software you use to work to policy clauses can wreak havoc on you if you are stuck in your ways. Always be prepared to make changes.

4. Your own emotions

Long hours working alone can increase your stress levels. Stress can lead to poor customer interactions or mistakes in your writing. Don't take out your frustrations out on customers. It's crucial to keep your emotions from getting the best of you when you're making an adjustment.