How to Prepare for Storm Season

Posted on September 29, 2015

Being prepared when the time comes will make your transition into deployment much smoother. This check list will help assure you have everything in order when Pilot calls.

Contact Information

  • Update contact information
  • Be sure we have all numbers where you can be reached
  • Check your Pilot PTS email frequently


  • If your home state requires a license, be sure it is valid
  • Get as many licenses as you can to be sure you can work wherever a storm hits
  • Renew licenses, as it is difficult to renew in the field while deployed


  • Be sure certifications are current. Many require taking a course to renew, so do it now while you have time
  • Get as many certifications as you can to increase your chance of deployment

Continuing Education

  • Be sure you have completed all required CEU's

Have your bags packed

  • Once we call to deploy you, you have 48 hours to be on site.
  • Equipment List

You may want to take an extra step in being prepared by reviewing client procedures if you have them available. In addition, some estimating software companies have online tutorials available for you.