The Difference Between Adjuster Training and Education

Posted on September 22, 2015

Developing your skills as an insurance adjuster is an ongoing, career-long process. Adjusters do not simply become certified and never attend a class again, but they are continually learning about the industry and their role in it. To gain the most from any career development, it is important to attend well-developed educational classes.

The Difference Between Adjuster Training and Education

There is a difference between adjuster training and education. Training may include educational classes, but it also encompasses any host of other activities such as employee development charts, luncheons, manuals and software programs. Because training is unregulated and there is a lot of training that does not actually provide adjusters with regulated education requirements, none the less, training can enrich the adjusters' knowledge and refine their skills.

Education, on the other hand, is regulated by state insurance departments. Typically called continuing education units (CE units), education is not limited to only traditional classes; they offer classroom instruction books and online courses, as well.

The important thing is not the mode of instruction, but the oversight. Because these educational activities must be approved by a state government, insurance adjusters know they are quality programs that will be beneficial to go through. For instance, Ken Brownlee mentions in his piece on the topic that he needs to submit outlines of his lectures when speaking for CE programs. Only once his talks are approved is he able to deliver messages at CE events.

Select Education

When considering programs for further development, you should select activities that provide approved CE units. For adjusters in one of the 29 states that have CE requirements, these educational activities are needed to maintain a license. Even adjusters working in states that have no CE requirements will benefit from this quality education.

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