Important Tech Skills for Insurance Adjusters

Posted on September 17, 2015

In today’s high-tech world, it is difficult to succeed as an insurance adjuster without some technological know-how. Adjusters need to take on the responsibility of learning how to use the software applications that insurance companies rely upon.

Here is a look at some of the applications adjusters need to know how to use:

Adjusters need to know how to perform two basic tasks on the computer. First, they need to be able to create, open, edit and save documents. Most companies use Microsoft Office for this, so adjusters should be familiar with the software suite.

The suite includes a number of programs, and there is not a consensus on how many of these programs adjusters should know. Everyone agrees they should be familiar with Word (for word documents), Outlook (for email) and Excel (for spreadsheets). Some feel they should also be competent in PowerPoint and Access, but former Brit Global Specialty USA’s Vice President of Claims Christopher Reid argues that adjusters do not typically give slide presentations or create databases, which is what these two programs are used for.

In addition to Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel, insurance adjusters also need to feel comfortable finding information online. Generally, this entails searching for information using a service like Google and navigating websites. Facebook continues to become more and more popular; adjusters may find themselves using social media a lot in the future.

Finding Training

If you want to become more comfortable with Microsoft Office or navigating the Internet, consider enrolling in a local class or asking a colleague for help. These low-cost ways of learning to use the computer will make you more valuable.

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