How You Can Strengthen Your Chance of Deployment

Posted on September 16, 2015

How You Can Strengthen Your Chance of Deployment

Getting deployed can be a tricky undertaking. How do you highlight your best qualities? How can you stand out from the rest? These are just a few questions we have heard from insurance adjusters, like yourself, as they wait for deployment.

Learning how insurance adjusters can strengthen their resumes is important, but there are also other things you can do to strengthen your deployability. Here are some guidelines on how you can strengthen your chance of deployment:

  • Highlight related career experience and vital skill sets- Previous work as an insurance adjuster is important but not necessarily a deal breaker. If you have career experience as an adjuster, make sure this stands out on your application. However, if your experience as an adjuster is limited, focus your application on the skills that are important in the insurance adjusting industry. Take the time to concisely detail career experiences that include customer service, computer skills or managing a variety of work duties.
  • Training is key- It is imperative that you attend training classes both online and in person. This not only shows your willingness to learn and develop, but also shows your ability to understand your specific clients' needs. Classes range from estimating software to rope and harness all the way to client-specific training.
  • Stay available- In the catastrophe adjusting profession it is extremely important to remain available at all times. The next big hail storm or hurricane could hit at any minute. If you aren't available when the need arises, we can't wait on you. Our clients and their policyholders are in dire need of assistance. Therefore, we have to move on to the next available CAT adjuster. So structure your life in a way that you are ready to move and be deployed at all times. This includes having licenses and compliance-related issues resolved and up-to-date.

Understanding the aforementioned points is essential to being considered for deployment and advancing your career with Pilot. Take the time to complete these steps so you will be at the top of the list when it's time for deployment.

For available educational courses visit Pilot's Learning Management System (LMS) on the Adjuster Portal or look at available training classes on the Training Calendar.