How to Produce Great Claim Files

Posted on September 15, 2015

How You Can Produce Great Claim Files

As an independent insurance adjuster, the frequency with which insurance companies call on you is directly proportional to the quality of work you provide. If you do everything well and on time, then the claims manager will be more likely to call on you again in the future. Here is some information regarding how to make your claims manager happy:

Proper Formatting of Standard Information

There is standard information that is included with every claim, such as the claimant’s personal information and billing information. Each insurer has a different way they would like this information formatted, though. When initially working with a new insurer, be sure to read through all the formatting guidelines, no matter how tedious they may seem. The claims manager is dealing with dozens, if not hundreds of claims, and formatting your file correctly will make their life easier.

Plenty of Pictures

When in doubt, take another picture. You can never have too many photographs to support a claim. While the manager may not want to wade through 100 pictures with every claim, having additional ones that can be sent immediately upon request will keep things proceeding quickly.

Detailed, Detailed Loss Reports

There cannot be too many details in a loss report. If the claim should devolve into a court case, your loss report will be one of the primary pieces of evidence used in the case. Any gaps in the report could result in an unwanted outcome. Make sure your reports are full of objective, detailed observations.

Submit Everything On Time

The formatted information, pictures and loss report should all be sent into the manager well ahead of schedule, so that the claim can be processed on time. Brent Lanier, a claims manager, says that he would rather receive a claim from an insurance adjuster early but with mistakes than one that is late. Regularly submit everything on time and correctly, and you will blow him away with your work.

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