How Adjusters Should Use Technology to Manage Catastrophes

Posted on September 09, 2015

In the immediate aftermath of a catastrophe, efficiently managing claims is vitally important. Only a skilled, systematic response that quickly responds to and processes claims will appease claimants’ concerns. While there are a variety of strategies that catastrophe adjuster might use to handle their workload, here are three specific ways adjusters are using technology to manage catastrophes:

Send a Quick Initial Contact

Email is a great way to send a quick, initial contact. Although some claimants might find texting unprofessional, email is an accepted means of communication, not to mention an efficient one. As soon as you are sent a list of claimants to call on, send each one an email that:

  • introduces yourself
  • expresses sympathy
  • explains the claims process
  • provides a timeline

The same email can be sent to every policyholder you’re responsible for, and it can be written beforehand. Prioritize Claimants in Affected Area

On PropertyCasualty360, Amit Shah suggests a method for prioritizing claims that are likely legitimate. By charting your claimants’ locations onto a map that shows the affected area, you’ll be able to see who was likely affected by the catastrophe and who probably was not. You’ll need to respond to every claim, but you should first respond to those in the affected area. Software programs can overlay your policyholders’ addresses with the catastrophe.

Map Your Daily Route

Online mapping software has been around since the advent of the internet, but its power shouldn’t be underestimated. Taking a few minutes to map out your route each day could save you hours driving back and forth across the affected city.

If you're a cat adjuster, be sure you're using technology to manage catastrophes. Send all your policyholders an email, check their addresses against the affected area and map out routes. As always, different clients may have differing rules on email versus voice-to-voice contact, or the scheduling or mapping tools you can use, so check with your Pilot Admin to determine the rules for your current deployment.

However, if you're looking to join Pilot Cat as an insurance adjuster, please contact us today.