How Adjusters can Build a Better Relationship with Claimants

Posted on September 09, 2015

As one of the leading insurance adjusting firms in U.S., we at Pilot Catastrophe Services are constantly looking for ways to improve. How can we provide insurers with a better value and claimants with a higher level of service? We’re always searching for new trends and insights, but when it comes to building a relationship between the insurance company and claimant, we find there’s nothing like old-fashioned caring. Here’s how we think mobile adjusters can build a better relationship with claimants.

Understanding the Adjuster’s Role

Adjusters, as an article on PropertyCasualty360 points out, are often the primary representative of an insurance company that homeowners talk to when they suffer a loss. They’re responsible for processing the claim and they’re also frequently the only person claimants meet in-person. Because of their role, the article points out, adjusters have an opportunity to show claimants that the insurance company genuinely cares about their loss.

Expressing Care to Claimants

If you’re an adjuster, showing that you care is as simple as treating people with respect during the difficult time immediately following a loss. It requires basic skills, like:

  • expressing empathy to a claimant who is upset
  • patiently waiting for a homeowner to finish saying their thoughts
  • communicating in a timely and respectful manner

Providing Homeowners with an Explanation

In many cases, adjusters eventually find themselves in a place where they must explain why a claim is or isn’t covered. Depending on which way the discussion goes, claimants may become upset. Finding ways to explain how a policy applies in a caring manner, though, can make all the difference. People who hear “no” but think their adjuster cares are much more likely than those whose claim is denied with a cold explanation.

At our insurance adjusting firm in Mobile, we help our adjusters develop all the skills one should have to fully-prepare for work in the field. We realize that adjusters are on-the-ground representatives of insurance companies and we strive to give our adjusters the skills they need to develop strong relationships with homeowners.