Empathy: The Top Quality Adjusters Should Show Claimants

Posted on September 21, 2015

Over the years, we’ve learned to look beyond certifications and tenure when selecting insurance adjusters. Empathy is one of the main traits we look for in adjusters that are new to our firm. Here’s a look at why we believe empathy is one of the most important traits adjusters should have.

Claims Adjusting is a Human Endeavor

Casualty claims adjusting, perhaps more than any other part of the insurance industry, brings out the human aspect of insurance. Agents talk to policyholders every day and most others in the insurance industry see their coworkers regularly. Adjusters, however, are the people who see policyholders face-to-face under the most trying circumstances. Adjusters are the insurance representatives who knock on claimants’ doors right after a casualty and they need empathy to respectfully handle the difficult situations they face. They’re the ones that see, day after day, that insurance, at its heart, helps people.

Claims Adjusting Includes Difficult Conversations

Because of the nature of their job, casualty claims adjusters must navigate difficult conversations, especially when a claim isn’t covered by the insurance policy. Empathy helps adjusters show that they appreciate the claimant’s situation, even when there’s little they can do about it.

Claims Adjusting Can Create Cheerleaders

Finally, as this article on PropertyCasualty360 mentions, empathetic claims adjusters can turn claimants into cheerleaders. Claims adjusters that treat claimants like people and respectfully converse with them have the opportunity to turn any claimant into a cheerleader for the company that the adjuster represents. Regardless of the final outcome of a claim, claimants that have been treated fairly and understand the adjuster’s reasoning will be quick to recommend their company to others.