Don't Wait for a Catastrophe to Start Training to Become an Adjuster

Posted on July 11, 2015

To be a successful adjuster, you’re going to need a license. Few firms hire catastrophe adjusters who aren’t licensed, either in their state or a designated home state. When people approach us about catastrophe insurance adjusting we always tell them not to wait for a major natural disaster.

Licensing doesn’t happen overnight. Specific time frames vary from state to state and individual to individual. In general, you should budget about two months to get your license. This provides time for:

  • enrolling in a class if one’s available
  • preparing for, scheduling and passing a licensure exam
  • waiting to receive your license

The final step in the process, waiting to receive your license, can take weeks. In Texas, for example, it can take up to four to six weeks.

Catastrophe Adjusting Will Be a Shock

When veteran adjusters share their experiences, they regularly bring up stories of their first time going to a disaster area. They know first-hand how difficult adjusting can be. Your first time will shock your system.

You can reduce the stress of your initial adjusting trip, however, by properly training. Not just passing the test, but absorbing the information will help you navigate your first catastrophe. If you’re under pressure to finish quickly, as Daniel Kerr points out, you’re going to be less likely to absorb the necessary information.

You’ll Have Better Employment Prospects

If you’re licensed during a lull in the industry, then you’ll have time to pursue multiple training opportunities. Since there’s won’t be a rush to get into the field, you’ll be able to research and interview what works best for you.

Catastrophe insurance adjusting has its ebbs and flows. Having been in the industry for three decades, we at Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc. know. We never, however, recommend waiting until a busy season to pursue training.

If you’re interested in becoming a property adjuster or have questions regarding training opportunities, call us at 1.800.345.2287.