5 Qualities of Successful Insurance Adjusters

Posted on July 25, 2015

Becoming a successful insurance adjuster requires a combination of book knowledge and street smarts. Classes give adjusters the knowledge they need to assess damages, but knowing how to handle adverse situations comes with experience. If you’re working on becoming a successful insurance adjuster, here are five qualities to develop:


Adjusters need to be familiar with both claims-processing and basic engineering. You must be familiar with the paperwork associated with claims and also possess a basic understanding of construction.

Computer Savvy

In today’s world, it is impossible to succeed as an adjuster without being able to use a computer. Whether you are submitting a claim over a wireless connection or verifying information on social media, familiarity with computers is a basic but necessary skill.


Adjusters are in a unique position, going between claimants and insurers. Because of your role in claims processing, adjusters must be honest. As an adjuster, you are legally required to work with “good faith.” Each state has a technical definition of good faith. Most definitions can be summed up with simply being honest, and trying to reach a fair and accurate assessment.


Catastrophe insurance adjusters need to be innovative. When disasters strike, you will find yourself in unexpected situations. You may need to work in an area without potable water, pass through a road blocked by trees or communicate with someone who doesn’t know English. All of these scenarios require creative solutions, and you’ll have to be the person who comes up with those solutions.


Insurance adjusters work with people — all kinds of people and all the time. You should not only be comfortable working with all different types of people, but you should also try to put them at ease. You will see people in the midst of tragedy. Knowing how to help them during their time of need is what adjusting is all about.

Not all of these characteristics are solely related to adjusting, but they are all important in the field. For more information about our insurance adjuster training, please contact us at Pilot Catastrophe Services